Black Cashmere Scarf

The Standard

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Black Cashmere Scarf

The Standard

41 Reviews

The Standard Black Cashmere Scarf. Impeccable quality. Impeccable fashion. This cashmere scarf is a is a timeless classic in black color.


Thick Weave Design


27.5 × 79 in, 0.3lbs


Made from 100% Cashmere, Imported and handmade in Nepal, Hypoallergenic


Hand Wash




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The Black Cashmere Scarf Advantages

Our black cashmere scarf is light-weight but warm, and is obtainable in a flexible design that can be worn with a variety of cold-weather outfits. The black cashmere scarf is extremely gentle and well made. An important and timeless piece. It is an accessory you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. Super delicate and comfortable, our garment features unique stitching and ribbed textures. Made of a nice gauge knit, it is 100% cashmere. 

A black cashmere scarf to pair with neutrals and brights alike. This elegant black cashmere scarf is crafted from incredibly luxurious cashmere with a soft feel. It’s an easy fashion item that can go together with everything in your wardrobe. It's a luxurious wool, delicate to touch and made to last. Buying a great quality black cashmere scarf will be a nice addition to your wardrobe due to its quality and durability.

The Warmth Of The Black Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere is a kind of wool produced by goats which are native to Asia. These goats grow fine wool as a down coat which protects them from low temperatures. And if cashmere can make an animal cozy in such hard winters, then it is really very warm. Cashmere for the black scarf is 8 times warmer than sheep wool.

How To Wear The Black Cashmere Scarf

The black cashmere scarf collection can compliment any look and is the best day-to-night accessory. While a warm parka certainly helps during frosty days, it's really the extra accessories that will keep you bundled up, and a cashmere scarf is no doubt one of the most versatile winter accessories. After all, it's the softest, most luxurious version out there -- the ultimate winter essential. Whether you throw it over your shoulders for an evening out or wear it across the neck, uncover our range of scarves and stoles and add a black cashmere scarf to your wardrobe.

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Each black cashmere scarf is made with premium high quality, smart design, and sustainable manufacturing.

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Our black cashmere scarf wool is not only the softest material, but is one of the most durable. The longevity of our scarves creates a wardrobe essential that will last a lifetime.

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From sourcing ranchers who prioritize raising sustainable grass fed sheep to coordinating ethical grazing practices, we insist on growing our company around the highest quality wool that supports our ecosystem.

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Sourced in the heart of Nepal, our black cashmere scarf is all hand woven and naturally dyed. Quality and time are instilled in each and every product to ensure that your purchase is exceptional.


Verified customers. Honest reviews.

"Wow! My husband and I are both in love with our purchases. These will be my go to gifts for the Christmas season!"

Sally B.

Verified Customer

"These scarves are truly as stunning as this company's environmental awareness, can't wait to purchase more!"

Catline D.

Verified Customer

"I've been searching for a scarf that is fashionable without loosing comfort or quality: these scarves exceeded my wishes."

Brianna B.

Verified Customer


At StrandFirm, we believe that the value of a company and their products goes beyond the products themselves. We have devoted an extensive amount of time to perfecting our packaging to be a beautiful gift while insuring it mimics our company's mission of redefining sustainability in the fashion industry.


Proper care provides lifelong security on these timeless accessories. We recommend follow these steps…

Hand wash the black cashmere scarf with a delicate shampoo (baby shampoo is soft enough for not only your baby's bum but also our cashmere scarves)

Massage the shampoo into the black cashmere scarf gently and let the soap soak into the weave for a few minutes to allow for a thorough clean.

Rinse all the soap out of the black cashmere scarf. Layout and let the cashmere accessory dry naturally on a flat surface.

41 reviews for The Standard (Black)

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  1. Addison B. (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by how the scarf remains soft even after washing. It hasn’t lost its plushness or luxurious feel, which is often a concern with cashmere products. It’s as soft as the day I bought it.

  2. Addison B. (verified owner)

    The craftsmanship is evident. The stitching is neat and strong, showing that this scarf is made to last.

  3. Riley T. (verified owner)

    The scarf is great for those with sensitive skin, like myself. It’s incredibly soft and doesn’t cause any itchiness or discomfort, which is crucial for me when choosing winter accessories.

  4. Zoey S. (verified owner)

    The pattern on this scarf is timeless and elegant. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style, making it a smart and fashionable choice for anyone looking to invest in a quality scarf.


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We provide free standard shipping and returns worldwide.

What payment methods do you Accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards.

What do I do if my black cashmere scarf has imperfections?

While we make every effort to examine each black cashmere scarf before it goes out -- we're human! If you have any issue with your purchase at all, just get in touch with us and we'll make it right.

Is black cASHMERE scarf itchy to wear?

Cashmere is considered to be far less itchy than other wools. Cashmere does not contain lanolin, so it's an entirely hypoallergenic alternative to merino and other fibres. However, cashmere is a natural yarn and this can cause mild irritation for some people.

Does black cashmere scarf shrink or stretch?

Black cashmere scarf can stretch, yes. As a fiber it has more drape than bounce, so it doesn't readily spring back to its original shape after stretching. That's why you should store your cashmere folded in a drawer or on a shelf.


We designed our black cashmere scarf to live as long as you do. In return, we ask that you care for it and the planet. Recycle or donate the garment to someone in need when you no longer need or have use for it.