3 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

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This technique offers a fantastic-looking way to maintain warm on even the coldest days. While you don’t have to do much to make your infinity scarf stand out, this unique accent can shaped into quite a few seems. The infinity wrap may be even be worn as a shrug. Like the vest, this look will work finest with larger items.

Circle Scarf as One-Shoulder or Halter Dress

Loop the headband round your head, then begin twisting the top of the headscarf so it begins to tighten up. The scarf will begin to “roll” on top of itself. Keep rolling and tucking the headband so it makes what seems like a flower or rose on the end.

The Double Loop: Loop the scarf around your head, twist, then loop once more. Fluff it out for maximum effect.

This identical scarf can easily be tied into a bolero or shrug fashion by pulling your arms via the circle such as you would placed on a jacket. Place a longer scarf round your neck and simply add a belt on the waist to make a novel style look. Make a daring assertion with your infinity scarf with more superior styling. If you are carrying your infinity scarf for heat, you might add a 3rd loop for a comfortable match around the neck.

The finish being pulled through must be handled as a single portion of fabric rather than a loop. Grab the ends of the headband in order that the headband is stretched horizontally behind your neck. The scarf must be parallel to your shoulders.

One Knot

Shirt/viaSurprising and classy, there are lots of variations of the infinity scarf shirt. Head Wrap/viaThis hippie look is super straightforward to tug off, however it helps should you don’t have a massive or thick scarf. This is the essential method of carrying an infinity scarf and my favourite. Take your scarf from winter to summer by adjusting your colour palettes and texture.

Double Loop

Think chunky knits in the winter months and choose lighter materials like cotton, linen and silk for the warmer months. Summer scarves could be just as fun as hotter ones. Another dramatic look could be created by draping the headscarf around the neck after which pulling some of the material over your head.

Create a determine 8 in front of your physique by crossing right side of the scarf over the left aspect. The intersection of the headscarf should be right in entrance of your belly button. Adjust the material in order that it suits comfortably in your shoulders.

how to wear an infinity scarf

Styling Tips

It doesn’t matter which means you cross the material. You could also cross the decrease left portion of the scarf over the lower proper portion. Let one side of the infinity scarf rest behind your neck.

To do that, you will want to put on the scarf like a vest, then unfold the material so it covers your again. Here’s Alexa once again, demonstrating the tactic in three simple steps.

There should be an even amount of material on every shoulder. The portion of the headband crossing your back must be flat and comfortable. The top of the scarf should hug your proper shoulder. Allow the rest of the headband to hang behind your shoulder. Pull on the ends of the loops till both loops are as big or small as desired.