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LRS visited them and from then on has always given the household true help with never giving up on Cuimei. There is one saying in an historical book, Liao-Fan-four-Lessons, telling us to perform an excellent deed daily to build up kindness and virtue. What LRS is doing to assist kids with CHD in poverty-stricken households equates to many, many good deeds daily. In September 2014, we visited Xiao Wen with volunteers from the US.

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With two sons lost, the mother and father worried that the operation may not achieve success. Soon after, the dad and mom accepted the suggestion from the LRS. Cuimei’s surgical procedure was very successful which led her to have a wholesome pumping heart. Cuimei’s household has suffered so much in the past and dangerous issues have occurred to them.

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We contacted the physician and organized a physical verify for her. The physician determined to do a examine at no cost for Mai Mai’s mom when he got know her situation. According to her mother’s actual physical state of affairs, he gave correct prescription to her. LRS bought oxygen machine and medicines to her with the donated cash.

On Mother’s Day, the story of Mai Mai’s mom moved lots of persons from abroad. With the invitation of LRS, her mom got here to Lanzhou in August.

We utilized assist from LRS for 3 kids. Both Cuimei’s two brothers had had critical CHD. The family had been by way of this heart damaged course of before. They had tried to look for the right therapy in all places, but being heavy burdened by debt before, they couldn’t save their boys’ lives. After Shixiang passed away, the LRS contacted Cuimei’s dad and mom several occasions in makes an attempt to persuade them to have the operation for Cuimei.

He had to depend on medicines to cut back blood pressure. LRS had been regarding concerning the optimistic lad. We despatched him 2000RMB of gift money for his daily life. We hope Da Yong good well being and all the best for his research.

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Da Yong had suffered from congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. He accepted the operation when he was 10. He was recognized pulmonary hypertension 2 years after the operation.

We learned that Gansu Provincial Women and Children Hospital is the best place to deal with infants and very young kids with congenital coronary heart illness in Gansu. The two circumstances of surgical procedure enabled Little Red Scarf to extend its care to infants with complicated congenital coronary heart disease. When they apply for the support, her father had been suffered from diabetes for years. When we referred to as Lu Lu 1 yr after her operation, we was sad to know her father died of diabetic complications not lengthy after her operation, leaving previous mom and three young kids to his wife.

​There are lots of kids underneath one year previous with complex congenital heart disease. It may be very tough to deal with and likewise very expensive.

He was diagnosed congenital coronary heart illness throughout bodily examination. Xiao Wen’s household had to support two kids for their education.

  • With the assist of LRS, he accepted the operation for congenital heart illness in 2011.
  • LRS had been caring about the progress of Jing Bo and had been raising money for him.
  • Jing Bo and her mom in hospital in 2011.
  • He accepted operation on deft lip and palate and he was three.
  • Jing Bo suffered from serious deft lip and palate.
  • The physician advised him to put in heart pacemaker.

With currently progress, he do not need heart pacemaker. In 2014, his mother known as us and advised us Jing Bo came to Lanzhou once more for his lip operation. Hope Jing Bo and his household joyful ever after. His mom injured during area work and couldn’t do guide work. His father alone takes care of the fields with low revenue which might barely make ends meet.

When LRS obtained the information, the household was included into Care Plan. I imagine diligent Yu Feng will examine more durable with the assistance of LRS.

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Jing Bo and her mother in hospital in 2011. He accepted operation on deft lip and palate and he was three.

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With the help of LRS, Xiao Wen accomplished the operation. In 2 month, he went back to highschool and began his examine for preparing university admission take a look at. We visited Xiao Wen and his family with the volunteers.


Jing Bo suffered from severe deft lip and palate. With the support of LRS, he accepted the operation for congenital coronary heart illness in 2011. The doctor advised him to put in heart pacemaker. LRS had been caring in regards to the progress of Jing Bo and had been raising cash for him. Fortunately, the doctor found his heart beats turned regular within the later checks.

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Mai Mai’s mother stated she would attempt her greatest to live longer and take excellent care of the family. There are six people in the family, three of whom are seriously unwell. Their common annual revenue is $one hundred seventy USD which can present for their fundamental living expenses. Kangcheng will need extra surgical procedures in the future. We hope that Kang will stay brave and never given up like how he was in the first surgery.

Hong Hong does well in school and she or he is in senior high school. We applied Care Plan of LRS for her to assist her training. In China, the scarf is emblematic of blood of revolutionary martyrs, as recalled in Red Scarf Park and the title of Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang about her experiences in the course of the Cultural Revolution. In Cuba, the headband is worn by schoolchildren from first to sixth grade.

The family has 3 mu of fields which could feed the family, but the children need money for their education. Lu Lu’s mom had left the youngsters to her mom-in-law and went to Lanzhou to work. In May of 2015, we visited Lu Lu and go to know their present situation.

Hong Hong is the child supported by LRS for congenital coronary heart illness in 2013. One of her brothers lost his left eye sight.